Want To Be Immortal?

For those following this blog, you will know I’m quite a big music fan, but you may not know that I have also been writing and recording songs for many years. I’ve released 3 albums in the past few years with the last album ‘Departures’ by Blue Angel being released 2 years ago and have been working on a number of songs over the past … Continue reading Want To Be Immortal?

More Good Times…

Sometimes things don’t go well and yet other times they do. Whatever is happening in the world, sometimes it’s good to just  step outside yourself and have a good time for a while. Jack Nicholson once said ‘My motto is – more good times’ I agree with Jack. You don’t have to sing or dance, so don’t worry if that’s not your thing. Just do … Continue reading More Good Times…

How Headphones Can Enrich Your Life

As a huge and ever so slightly obsessive music fan, I’ve worn headphones when I’m out and about since the days of Sony Walkman cassette players, carrying a bagful of cassettes wherever I went. In addition to the primary reason being to listen to music whenever I could, my headphones were also my protection from negative elements such as commuter aggression and excessive noise in … Continue reading How Headphones Can Enrich Your Life

How To Celebrate The Sunshine?

The sun has finally come out to play! Although the sun has made frequent appearances of late, the accompanying chill still required a coat, however last week in Granada here was an average 26 degrees, so I left my coat at home, liberating myself from the confines of both the cold and my coat. I’d forgotten what a wonderful feeling it was to just sit … Continue reading How To Celebrate The Sunshine?

Embracing The Melancholy

It’s been raining here recently and while looking out at the downpour earlier today, it got me thinking about the nature of water. In the same way that perhaps water embraces and absorbs the energy around it to move forward, I noticed I was doing the same today. I walk a lot here in Granada and when it’s raining, I often listen to what some may call ‘depressing’ … Continue reading Embracing The Melancholy

Where Are We Now?

I’m feeling very lucky today as I’m sitting in a bar outside the rather awe-inspiring mezquita (mosque) in Córdoba in the south of Spain in the last days of December while listening to the David Bowie single ‘Where Are We Now?’ that was his comeback single a couple of years ago. At the time, I remember the music press and fans all desperately trying to … Continue reading Where Are We Now?

The Tale Of The Supermarket Carol Singers

The Christmas Lights are being switched on in Granada tonight which will be fun to see and as the festive season approaches each year, I’m often reminded of a shopping trip to a supermarket in London a few years ago where I was greeted by two teenagers of about 15-16 years old who were belting out Christmas carols accapella raising money for a local charity. They immediately made me … Continue reading The Tale Of The Supermarket Carol Singers

Morning Sunrise (BOC)

Songs That Take You By Surprise

It’s the weekend, so a bit of music today – with a bit of a twist on perceptions of life of course… I’ve now been living in Spain for 10 months and as a music fan, I like listening to the radio though to be honest, most of the music on the radio is pretty dire (Radio 3 aside, which is fantastic). However, while generally … Continue reading Songs That Take You By Surprise

How To Smile Loudly

I was travelling on the bus today on the way to a class and we got stuck in traffic but fortunately, it didn’t last long, nobody got particularly stressed and soon enough, we were on our way, but it did remind me of a similar experience in London last year when I was stuck on the Tube one morning. Lots of people were staring at the … Continue reading How To Smile Loudly

Away From The Noise

The November Manifesto

Hi There are many different reasons why we may want to get away from the noise of our daily lives and there are countless ways to help you do so. This blog is my way of doing that. I live in Granada in the south of Spain, write songs, teach English and now write this blog. My name is Jason and although I only started … Continue reading The November Manifesto