Ray Lamontagne

Let Me Be Me

I recently heard a song called ‘Let It Be Me’ by an American singer called Ray Lamontagne. It’s a simple, beautiful song about that melancholy yearning for love that you find in classic ‘pop’ songs that has resonated with generations of people over the years. Of course, once I like a song, I play it endlessly and my wife will testify to this. This is … Continue reading Let Me Be Me

David Sylvian

How To Move Forward

I’m currently listening to one of my all-time favourite musicians David Sylvian, probably better known in the early 1980s for being ‘the most beautiful man in the world’ and for his band Japan and songs such as ‘Forbidden Colours’ and ‘Ghosts’. However, since he split the band up at the peak of their success in 1982, he has forged a career as a kind of … Continue reading How To Move Forward

Sing When You’re Winning

So how often have you been told you’re wonderful? At work? By your family? By your partner? You may be lucky and have praise heaped upon you every second of every day, however for most people, such positive feedback is sadly not as common as we would perhaps like. We always get to hear about the bad stuff almost at the moment it happens, don’t … Continue reading Sing When You’re Winning

Daft Punk Red

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

I’ve just seen the first Christmas decorations of the year in a couple of local shops and so, it looks like the festive season has begun in late October…  Either way, this time gets me thinking about lots of people buying presents for family and friends for what can be one of the loveliest times of the year. And yet, there can also be pressure to … Continue reading Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Keep It Simple

Earlier today, I was in the park listening to an album I haven’t played in ages. From beginning to end. Just listening. Not doing anything else. Not that unusual you may think, but I can’t remember the last time I did that without the distraction of my phone, Facebook, Twitter, going online or all the other things that seem to eat away at your time. … Continue reading Keep It Simple

Singing Boy

Without A Care In The World

I saw a boy this morning in a cafe happily singing along to ‘Stand By Me’ without a care in the world with his mum proudly watching, which was quite sweet, especially as he was horrendously out of tune. Everyone in the cafe of course applauded. Free live music with your morning coffee too. Result! However, he did get me thinking about how life is too short … Continue reading Without A Care In The World

Sinead Bossy Face

Nothing Compares To What You Feel Passionate About

When was the last time you did something in which you really believed? When you took a chance and stood out from the crowd and said ‘This is me’? Maybe people were supportive or maybe not, but it didn’t matter as what was most important was for you to ‘do your thing’ on your terms. I don’t know if you know, but Irish singer Sinead … Continue reading Nothing Compares To What You Feel Passionate About



There is no doubt now that summer is over here in Granada. It’s been raining and it’s even a tad chilly. It is mid-October after all. However, although I love the heat of the summer, the comforting chill of autumn is probably my favourite time of year. As I was having my coffee this morning listening to music in a local bar, the song ‘Annabel’ by Goldfrapp … Continue reading Autumn

Adam Ant

Ridicule Is Nothing To Be Scared Of

I recently fulfilled a childhood ambition to see Adam Ant in concert. I remember buying my first ever single ‘Kings of the Wild Frontier’ by Adam and the Ants and it was a huge (admittedly nostalgic) rush to see him after all this time. However it also made me think about why he was still playing music after all this time. Like everybody, he has … Continue reading Ridicule Is Nothing To Be Scared Of