How To Celebrate The Sunshine?

The sun has finally come out to play!

Although the sun has made frequent appearances of late, the accompanying chill still required a coat, however last week in Granada here was an average 26 degrees, so I left my coat at home, liberating myself from the confines of both the cold and my coat. I’d forgotten what a wonderful feeling it was to just sit outside feeling the glorious warmth of the sun on your face, especially after a cold winter and spring.

To ‘celebrate’ happy moments in life, some people to sit with a glass of something and I do too from time to time, however being a bit of a music geek, this moment was too significant to not ‘celebrate’ with an appropriate song. But what music to complement this delicious moment when spring is here and you get the sense that summer is not too far away?

After probably a little too much deliberation, in the end I went with Facto Delafe & Las Flores Azules, my ‘first’ Spanish (though technically from Barcelona) band that I discovered last year. I love their laidback sunshiney ambient hip hop pop thing and the mood of what they do fitted the moment perfectly, especially on my favourite track ‘Mar El Poder Del Mar’ which I can see going on the compilation/mixtape where songs have soundtracked key moments in my life – maybe I should get that playlist together now?

Which song would you choose to celebrate the sunshine or other ‘happy’ moments in your life? Or do you celebrate in other ways?

Watch the video for ‘Mar El Poder Del Mar’ below.

Facto Delafe y Las Flores Azules “Mar el poder del mar” from Jaume Montané on Vimeo.

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