How To Get Lost And Love It

Have you ever got lost? And then got annoyed with yourself? Well, now you don’t have to! If you listen to my latest podcast, you can find out how getting lost can be a good thing. Just like the best pop singles, my podcasts are about 3 minutes long, so will take you no time at all. This one was also recorded in a park … Continue reading How To Get Lost And Love It

Fancy Listening To My New Podcast?

I know I only posted yesterday, however today is a big day as I’ve achieved one of the things that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and that is I’ve just published my first Away From The Noise podcast! It was something that came up in the WordPress Blogging101 course I took part in and as it was procrastination that stopped me … Continue reading Fancy Listening To My New Podcast?

Embracing The Melancholy

It’s been raining here recently and while looking out at the downpour earlier today, it got me thinking about the nature of water. In the same way that perhaps water embraces and absorbs the energy around it to move forward, I noticed I was doing the same today. I walk a lot here in Granada and when it’s raining, I often listen to what some may call ‘depressing’ … Continue reading Embracing The Melancholy