The Tale Of The Supermarket Carol Singers

The Christmas Lights are being switched on in Granada tonight which will be fun to see and as the festive season approaches each year, I’m often reminded of a shopping trip to a supermarket in London a few years ago where I was greeted by two teenagers of about 15-16 years old who were belting out Christmas carols accapella raising money for a local charity.

They immediately made me smile, not just because they were clearly slightly mad for standing outside in the freezing cold singing in public, but because they were giving it their absolute all and enjoying it and for somebody else’s benefit. No doubt looking very uncool to their friends singing these songs and wearing even more uncool festive outfits, however they just got on with doing something good for other people and people were giving generously on their way in and out of the supermarket.

Young people generally get a hard time from people in society for all kinds of reasons and perhaps some of it is justified, however this was a lovely reminder of the hope we still need to have in young people today to create a better tomorrow.

(Image from Google Images – clearly the image is not of the aforementioned teenagers, however I just loved the way the boy in the centre is really giving his all!)

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