Want To Be Immortal?

For those following this blog, you will know I’m quite a big music fan, but you may not know that I have also been writing and recording songs for many years. I’ve released 3 albums in the past few years with the last album ‘Departures’ by Blue Angel being released 2 years ago and have been working on a number of songs over the past few months.

This track ‘To Become An Immortal’ samples anarchist, tai chi guru, author and friend, the teapotmOnk Paul Read talking about Lao Tzu and Taoism. Hope you like it!



In addition to writing about inspiring positive simplicity, Away From The Noise is also the name of one of my music projects. Previous projec​ts/ban​ds and albums are:

Blue Angel ‘Depar​tures’ (2013) / Blue Angel Facebook

Blame Jack (2009)

Calmer ‘Melt’ (2001)


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