Now Is The Best Place To Be

It’s Thursday, so it’s podcast day here at Away From The Noise and today I’m in Greenwich in London. Before I moved to Spain 18 months ago, I lived here for 3 years and Greenwich is without doubt my most favourite part of London. As a tourist or resident, it really is something special. And that is kind of what this week’s podcast is about … Continue reading Now Is The Best Place To Be

How To Get Away From The Noise?

After living in London for 17 years, my wife and I decided to move to Granada in the south of Spain in 2014 to get ‘away from the noise’. Most people assume that the ‘noise’ was the urban-ness of the millions of people and the traffic chaos of the big city and to some extent that’s true, however in reality, it was more about the … Continue reading How To Get Away From The Noise?

How Headphones Can Enrich Your Life

As a huge and ever so slightly obsessive music fan, I’ve worn headphones when I’m out and about since the days of Sony Walkman cassette players, carrying a bagful of cassettes wherever I went. In addition to the primary reason being to listen to music whenever I could, my headphones were also my protection from negative elements such as commuter aggression and excessive noise in … Continue reading How Headphones Can Enrich Your Life

London Marathon

Running Your Own Race

I was recently reading about the London Marathon which takes place in a few weeks and this got me thinking about when I lived in Greenwich not that long ago when I popped round the corner to watch the runners coming past. I’d watched some of it on TV over the years but to be honest, had never really paid that much attention and this time … Continue reading Running Your Own Race

How To Smile Loudly

I was travelling on the bus today on the way to a class and we got stuck in traffic but fortunately, it didn’t last long, nobody got particularly stressed and soon enough, we were on our way, but it did remind me of a similar experience in London last year when I was stuck on the Tube one morning. Lots of people were staring at the … Continue reading How To Smile Loudly