The Tale Of The Supermarket Carol Singers

The Christmas Lights are being switched on in Granada tonight which will be fun to see and as the festive season approaches each year, I’m often reminded of a shopping trip to a supermarket in London a few years ago where I was greeted by two teenagers of about 15-16 years old who were belting out Christmas carols accapella raising money for a local charity. They immediately made me … Continue reading The Tale Of The Supermarket Carol Singers

The Supermarket Cashier

I popped to the supermarket last Friday to get a couple of things. I wasn’t feeling great to be honest as things in general hadn’t been going too well that week. Just after I paid, the cashier smiled at me and wished me a lovely weekend. Nothing unusual in that, however, the way she said it was so sincere and warm that it got me thinking … Continue reading The Supermarket Cashier