Blue Swans

Rip It Up And Start Again

When digital music first came about a few years ago, I loved the idea of having access to pretty much any music I wanted and these days, whether it’s downloading or streaming, there are even more opportunities to have no physical music and own more music ‘that you can’t touch’ and I find a strange joy in having the space that not having countless CDs … Continue reading Rip It Up And Start Again

Morning Sunrise (BOC)

Songs That Take You By Surprise

It’s the weekend, so a bit of music today – with a bit of a twist on perceptions of life of course… I’ve now been living in Spain for 10 months and as a music fan, I like listening to the radio though to be honest, most of the music on the radio is pretty dire (Radio 3 aside, which is fantastic). However, while generally … Continue reading Songs That Take You By Surprise