More Beautiful For Having Been Broken

I was recently reading about Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing pottery. Other than being aesthetically pleasing and delicately minimal, what caught my eye was the underlying motivation behind it being that gold or silver lacquer is used in the repair process on the understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken. Unlike the commercial Western of idea of replacing broken things … Continue reading More Beautiful For Having Been Broken

What Won’t Happen If You Don’t Do It?

Fancy a challenge that will give you some clarity in your personal or professional life? The question in the title of this post may initially sound odd with its double negative, however it is in fact part of a set of questions called the Cartesian questions. I’ve noticed that my coaching clients often find these quite challenging at first, especially the last one, however if … Continue reading What Won’t Happen If You Don’t Do It?

I Don’t Care What You Do. I Want To Know Who You Are

It’s the question we always hear whenever we are at an event or social gathering. Once we have broken the ice and found out the other person’s name, what is the default first question of the ‘conversation’? Our first question to a complete stranger is to find out what they do during the day to earn money to pay their rent/mortgage/bills. Maybe we like our … Continue reading I Don’t Care What You Do. I Want To Know Who You Are

And What If You Had The Time?

What would you really do with it? Nobody seems to have any time these days. But people have always been busy. There have always been families, jobs and social lives to consider. We have more ever-improving technology than ever to make our lives easier so we can ‘save time’ to enjoy our lives more. But how many times have you heard somebody say? ‘I’d love … Continue reading And What If You Had The Time?

How To Scare Yourself Into Being Bold And Loving It

‘Boldness has genius, power and magic in it’ (Goethe) I saw this quote a while ago and it really struck me as I’d never thought of boldness having such qualities before and yet, now I think I might understand it a little more as at the weekend, I took a chance at being bold in my own small way. If you’ve been reading this blog for … Continue reading How To Scare Yourself Into Being Bold And Loving It

Bring It On…

I haven’t posted here for a while. Not for any particular reason. It just kind of happened and maybe we need time away from things or even people to reflect and appreciate them more when they come back. I always wanted this blog to be about rallying against the negativity and cynicism in the world by seeing and appreciating the positive that is in the … Continue reading Bring It On…

I’m So Bored Of Goals

I’ve always been a great believer in the power of setting goals as they really help focus your mind on where you want to be and what you want to achieve in your life.  However recently I’ve been thinking a great deal about now. This very moment. And as each second passes, yes, we could be one step closer to our goals, but achieving that … Continue reading I’m So Bored Of Goals

Como Ser Un Realista Más Positivo

Ayer yo estaba en un bar de Granada escuchando una conversación entre dos amigos. Uno de ellos decía “No me gusta  este compañero de trabajo, pues no puedo trabajar con él. Va a ser una semana imposible.” Hay gente que dice ‘No soy cínico o negativo, soy realista’ y tal vez es verdad pero de hecho, ¿qué cosas realistas dicen estas personas? Puedo imaginar la conversación … Continue reading Como Ser Un Realista Más Positivo

World Of Dust

Other than writing blog posts, hanging out in Spanish cafes and my new dog, my primary passion in life has been making music. For many years, writing songs on my old acoustic guitar and in the last few years, I’ve also been using my laptop. My latest project is called Pearl Viper and the mOnk and in January, we released our first EP ‘Immortal’. Like … Continue reading World Of Dust

Who Do You Want To Be In 2016?

It’s the first day of 2016 and it’s that time when people may be feeling the pressure to make New Year’s Resolutions, some which they keep and others which will inevitably fall by the wayside. However, although the ‘usual’ resolutions such as losing weight, getting a better job, going to the gym and travelling more are fantastic things to want to achieve, I believe that … Continue reading Who Do You Want To Be In 2016?

My First Blogerversary

I can’t believe that it’s already been in a year since I started this blog. The time seems to have flown by. In that year, I have made some lovely blogger friends and readers, written quite a few posts, started podcasting and learned a lot about blogging and writing in general on the way. It’s been fun and I hope it will continue to be … Continue reading My First Blogerversary

How Much Does Nostalgia Cost?

What’s the benefit in going back to your past? How much does nostalgia cost? Do you risk spoiling happy memories by replacing them with the reality of today where all that was familiar may have since moved on? For example, you could go back to your favourite place to hang out when you were you were younger only to find out it’s probably a Starbucks … Continue reading How Much Does Nostalgia Cost?