World Of Dust

Other than writing blog posts, hanging out in Spanish cafes and my new dog, my primary passion in life has been making music. For many years, writing songs on my old acoustic guitar and in the last few years, I’ve also been using my laptop. My latest project is called Pearl Viper and the mOnk and in January, we released our first EP ‘Immortal’. Like … Continue reading World Of Dust

Fancy Listening To My New Podcast?

I know I only posted yesterday, however today is a big day as I’ve achieved one of the things that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and that is I’ve just published my first Away From The Noise podcast! It was something that came up in the WordPress Blogging101 course I took part in and as it was procrastination that stopped me … Continue reading Fancy Listening To My New Podcast?

Want To Be Immortal?

For those following this blog, you will know I’m quite a big music fan, but you may not know that I have also been writing and recording songs for many years. I’ve released 3 albums in the past few years with the last album ‘Departures’ by Blue Angel being released 2 years ago and have been working on a number of songs over the past … Continue reading Want To Be Immortal?