Embracing The Melancholy

It’s been raining here recently and while looking out at the downpour earlier today, it got me thinking about the nature of water. In the same way that perhaps water embraces and absorbs the energy around it to move forward, I noticed I was doing the same today.

I walk a lot here in Granada and when it’s raining, I often listen to what some may call ‘depressing’ music. A friend recently described it as ‘wallowing in sadness’, which I thought was a tad strong, but I see their point to some degree, however I prefer to use the term ’embracing the melancholy’.


At times like this, I like to see the rain as a gently invigorating and quietly powerful reminder of how we can choose to see the world or it could be argued that how we see situations is what’s important. If it’s raining, is it preventing me from what I want to do because I don’t like it and as a result, I’m not happy? Or is the rain an opportunity to use the new umbrella we got the other day and go for a walk to listen to your new favourite song which could make us happy? The rain is the fact. That will still be there, but how we see it is what’s different.


As I do, perhaps you find music helps you in all kinds of life situations. For example, it’s cold and wet outside today and I’m listening to ‘Song To The Siren’ by This Mortal Coil, one of the most so-called ‘depressing’ songs ever written and yet, I have always found it incredibly inspiring in its own quiet, gentle and daresay, melancholy way. I haven’t always felt as positive about rain, but with the combination of ‘Song To The Siren’ and today’s weather, perhaps that has changed as I feel more energised now than I have in a long while. Until the next melancholy emergency…


5 thoughts on “Embracing The Melancholy

  1. Thanks for sharing! When I was little, a family stayed at our house for a few nights–they were moving to Granada. When I read your blog, I was suddenly transported back almost 30 years. I can’t remember her last name, but Carrie was so excited about the trip.


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