World Of Dust

Other than writing blog posts, hanging out in Spanish cafes and my new dog, my primary passion in life has been making music. For many years, writing songs on my old acoustic guitar and in the last few years, I’ve also been using my laptop. My latest project is called Pearl Viper and the mOnk and in January, we released our first EP ‘Immortal’.

Like all Pearl Viper and the mOnk tracks, ‘World Of Dust’ came about after listening to one of teapotmOnk’s ‘Empty Your Cup’ podcasts. In this post is new artwork for the song based on a photo taken round the corner from our studio. What do you think?

We will also be posting each new title on our Facebook page (with accompanying artwork) each week when we are not also working on our new video for the first song from the EP ‘Right Now’ at Viper Studios.

As someone with an interest in Eastern philosophies and taoism in particular, I’ve always liked the idea that we are merely dust in the wind. We are born, we live our lives and we die. The much more important world does its thing around us while it gives us temporary permission to take up some space, live and make our own contribution to the world.

TeapotmOnk says:
“Dust is everything that holds back that drop of pure spirit within each of us from riding a boundless wave of energy, from wandering between crossing paths, from delighting in spontaneity and moon light and laughing to the rhythm of music in the wind.”

I wanted the sound of ‘World Of Dust’ to be quite primeval, hence the heavy percussion throughout the track. It was also a nod to Burundi drumming and my childhood heroes, the very drum-friendly Kings of the Wild Frontier period Adam and the Ants.

You could even say that Pearl Viper and the mOnk literally have our own world of dust not far from Viper Studios in the desert of Almeria in the south of Spain. However, it’s the awareness of the metaphorical dust which helps us to live better lives, isn’t it?

Jason (Pearl Viper) & Paul (teapotmOnk)

‘World Of Dust’ is the second song on the new ‘Now’ EP of Taoist-inspired songs by Pearl Viper and the mOnk which will be on Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music and all online download/streaming outlets in May 2016.

In case you haven’t seen or heard any of the songs on the ‘Immortal’ EP which came out in January, you can do just that via the links on the Pearl Viper Facebook page.

The Empty Bandstand

The Empty Bandstand

There’s a lovely area I often walk through in Granada called La Plaza Del Humilladero which is used as a public event space such as weekly markets, annual fairs and where many people simply go for a paseo or to walk their dogs. I especially like walking there early in the morning before the city wakes up as it has a gentle tranquility that sets me up for the day.

Every time I go I walk past an old bandstand and often either take a photo or simply take a moment to look at it. It always intrigues me as it’s quite beautiful and I’ve only seen it used for very occasional small tango dance groups at the weekends. The rest of the time it stands empty, perhaps nostalgic for its halcyon days all those years ago in the 20th century. When I see this bandstand, I can’t help but think of the countless events and stories it must have played host to over the years – young lovers on dates, people learning the latest dance craze, romantic trysts and of course, bands playing concerts.

And yet as well as all these thoughts of what may have happened, it also makes me think about what hasn’t happened or more to the point, what is no longer happening there now. The bandstand has been empty wanting to make people happy and now from my perspective, it has a quiet sadness that seems to represent unfulfilled opportunities of the past. What could have been. It seems such a waste and yet people go past it all the time without taking any notice whatsoever.

Maybe we can create a new future for the empty bandstand? Find it some new friends to play with? Some new dancers and jazz bands to host? Sounds like a project…