How Bruce Lee Helped Me Get A Spanish Driving Licence

Perhaps this is something we don’t like admitting, but although we may want to get things done as soon as possible, sometimes it will just take longer. And that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.   I’ve just managed to get a Spanish driving licence for a friend. It’s been a process which started a few months ago and as is the case in … Continue reading How Bruce Lee Helped Me Get A Spanish Driving Licence

Another Day To Do Something Different

To many, today is just another day. To others, it’s a new day. A chance to look at things differently to the way you usually do. If you usually travel on the same route, what’s stopping you trying something different? If you usually look straight ahead, try looking up every now and again. What do you notice that you haven’t seen before? If you have … Continue reading Another Day To Do Something Different

El Poder Del No

Un amigo me recomendó recientemente ‘El Hombre Del Sí’ (‘Yes Man’). Es un libro y una película fantástica en la que el protagonista dice ‘sí’ a todo el que se lo pide y como consecuencia, ocurren muchas cosas buenas. Sin embargo, después aprende que ‘sí’ no es siempre la respuesta correcta. Esto me hizo pensar en el poder de decir ‘no’. Aunque decir ‘sí’ puede … Continue reading El Poder Del No

Posting In Spanish

I’ve been living in Spain for almost a year now and as a result, I thought it about time that I write something in Spanish. This has also been inspired by a Spanish friend’s challenge to publish two posts in the language: – one post that I’ve translated from one of my previous English ones (published 23 Dec 2014) – another that I will be … Continue reading Posting In Spanish

Decisions, Decisions

I’ve just taken my first ever Spanish exam. Been planning it for a while and am glad it’s finally over but I was struck by the fact that while I’m in my 40s, the other people taking their exam all looked like and probably were in their early 20s. Suddenly I was reminded of being a 20 year old student at university where two of my … Continue reading Decisions, Decisions

Scared woman

I Scared Myself And Survived

As you may know from yesterday’s post Do Something That Scares You (Especially On Halloween), I was quizmaster at a quiz last night speaking in English and Spanish. Speaking in a foreign language with an audience was something that scared me but I thought I’d do it anyway. I’ve only been in Granada for a few months so I made some linguistic mistakes but the … Continue reading I Scared Myself And Survived