Another Day To Do Something Different

To many, today is just another day. To others, it’s a new day. A chance to look at things differently to the way you usually do.

If you usually travel on the same route, what’s stopping you trying something different?

If you usually look straight ahead, try looking up every now and again. What do you notice that you haven’t seen before?

If you have the same lunch, try something different. Maybe you’ll discover a new favourite food and then maybe that experience could inspire you to visit the country from where the food originates?

I love the weird ‘differentness’ of the work of Salvador Dalí. We don’t have to be as extreme as that perhaps, but then again, why not? The only thing is to do whatever works for you.

Today I’m at home cooking Japanese ramen for the first time. No idea how it’s going to turn out but it’s been fun trying something new.

What’s your something different going to be?


7 thoughts on “Another Day To Do Something Different

  1. Hmm. Well, I’m about to start high school after being homeschooled all my life, so that’s a pretty big difference! I’m pretty nervous, but it’s a school specifically geared towards homeschoolers, so it shouldn’t be that bad, right? I’ll work hard, make friends, get good grades, and bring really yummy lunches to school. And I won’t be bored anymore, woo!

    Also, the dude with the ‘stache is oddly mesmerizing. Like, how did he get his mustache to do that? Why? Who told him that was a cool thing to do? SO MANY QUESTIONS.


  2. First, I love getting away from the noise. I live a very contemplative life but sometimes I do the same structure for the day. In honor of you post I will try cooking something totally different for dinner. Something I have never done and see what happens. I can always remember we could call out for a pizza if needed. Thanks for the idea.


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