Decisions, Decisions

I’ve just taken my first ever Spanish exam. Been planning it for a while and am glad it’s finally over but I was struck by the fact that while I’m in my 40s, the other people taking their exam all looked like and probably were in their early 20s.

Suddenly I was reminded of being a 20 year old student at university where two of my close friends on my course were in their 40s. Now I am them, so to speak, and perhaps have more of an insight into what they might have been thinking at the time and I imagine that the most common thought for them when dealing with my younger self and my friends at the time would have been ‘what on earth were you thinking when you made that decision?’ and in hindsight, there were probably countless suspect decisions that I made at that time, however…

Every decision we make is the best we can make at the moment we make it. 

We do our best with the emotional, psychological and practical resources that we have at our disposal at the time. With age, experience and hindsight, everything may seem easier and maybe you would have made a different decision, but you did what you did with what you had. We handled it differently then, but we handled it in our own way and that’s all we can ask of each other and ourselves, isn’t it?

4 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. This post hit the spot for me. I am not even as old yet, but going to University with people 10 years younger than me is a very interesting experience. I agree with your insight: “Every decision we make is the best we can make at the moment we make it.” Well put.


  2. I totally agree and I really enjoyed reading your post, It’s true that now not all the decisions I made in the past seem clear but I know that I had my reasons why I did them.. so no regrets needed… 🙂


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