Scared woman

I Scared Myself And Survived

As you may know from yesterday’s post Do Something That Scares You (Especially On Halloween), I was quizmaster at a quiz last night speaking in English and Spanish. Speaking in a foreign language with an audience was something that scared me but I thought I’d do it anyway.

I’ve only been in Granada for a few months so I made some linguistic mistakes but the most important thing was everybody seemed to have fun and the feedback was very positive and that’s a good thing.

In the big scheme of things, a quiz in a bar in a foreign language is not a big deal but challenging yourself to do something that scares you is. I took on the fear and ‘survived’.

At this point, two things come to mind:

  • For me – I wonder what’s next?
  • For you – What are you going to do to scare yourself to move you forward in your life?

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