Another Day To Do Something Different

To many, today is just another day. To others, it’s a new day. A chance to look at things differently to the way you usually do. If you usually travel on the same route, what’s stopping you trying something different? If you usually look straight ahead, try looking up every now and again. What do you notice that you haven’t seen before? If you have … Continue reading Another Day To Do Something Different


A Little Salt Is Good For You

I’ve been watching “Rick Stein’s Spain” recently and have enjoyed his exuberance and passion for Spain and its simply prepared food. One example was a recipe for a local fish which was grilled with a little salt. And that was it. Rick’s face was joyous on trying this seemingly simple dish. It got me thinking about our lives and how we fill it. Not only … Continue reading A Little Salt Is Good For You

Away From The Noise

How To Get More Done By Doing Less

On a train journey recently, I noticed a man was simultaneously: – looking out of the window at the scenery – listening to music on headphones – reading a magazine – sending/receiving texts on his phone How many of these things do you think he really focused on and got the most from? I bet he now can’t remember the magazine article nor has an idea … Continue reading How To Get More Done By Doing Less

Away From The Noise

Your Future Is Your Future

Your future is your future. Your past is your past. Your future is not your past. You may suddenly be thinking why on earth am I discussing English grammar on a blog about life, simplicity and the universe! Well, the reality is that I regularly meet people who base what is going to happen in their lives on what has happened in their history and of course, … Continue reading Your Future Is Your Future