Gothic Gin And Tonic With A Bit Of Verdi

As you know, this blog is called Away From The Noise and if you’ve read it before you’ll know that among other things, I like getting away from the noise by hanging out in cafes, listening to music, writing music/blogs and simply walking around Granada in the sunshine (it’s 34 Celsius / 93 Fahrenheit today – so, rather lovely and sunny). But as it’s the … Continue reading Gothic Gin And Tonic With A Bit Of Verdi

Being Away From The Noise In Granada

Hi There are many different reasons why we may want to get away from the noise of our daily lives and there are countless ways to help you do so. This blog is my way of doing that. I live in Granada in the south of Spain, write songs on my slightly battered acoustic guitar and laptop, teach English, coach people to be more confident … Continue reading Being Away From The Noise In Granada

How To Celebrate The Sunshine?

The sun has finally come out to play! Although the sun has made frequent appearances of late, the accompanying chill still required a coat, however last week in Granada here was an average 26 degrees, so I left my coat at home, liberating myself from the confines of both the cold and my coat. I’d forgotten what a wonderful feeling it was to just sit … Continue reading How To Celebrate The Sunshine?

Granada flower

50 Granada Haikus

After having written a few posts here, I thought I’d try something different today and so with this in mind, it seemed like a good idea to post a blog of the daily haikus I wrote in my first three months in Granada last year. For those who may not be familiar with haikus, there are a number of different types but the one I have … Continue reading 50 Granada Haikus

Where Are We Now?

I’m feeling very lucky today as I’m sitting in a bar outside the rather awe-inspiring mezquita (mosque) in Córdoba in the south of Spain in the last days of December while listening to the David Bowie single ‘Where Are We Now?’ that was his comeback single a couple of years ago. At the time, I remember the music press and fans all desperately trying to … Continue reading Where Are We Now?

El Poder Del No

Un amigo me recomendó recientemente ‘El Hombre Del Sí’ (‘Yes Man’). Es un libro y una película fantástica en la que el protagonista dice ‘sí’ a todo el que se lo pide y como consecuencia, ocurren muchas cosas buenas. Sin embargo, después aprende que ‘sí’ no es siempre la respuesta correcta. Esto me hizo pensar en el poder de decir ‘no’. Aunque decir ‘sí’ puede … Continue reading El Poder Del No

Posting In Spanish

I’ve been living in Spain for almost a year now and as a result, I thought it about time that I write something in Spanish. This has also been inspired by a Spanish friend’s challenge to publish two posts in the language: – one post that I’ve translated from one of my previous English ones (published 23 Dec 2014) – another that I will be … Continue reading Posting In Spanish

I Want My Flip Flops

Even though it has definitely been winter in Granada recently, yesterday turned out to be quite a warm day. However, regardless of the cold reality of winter, my flip-flops are resolutely staying on. In my flat at least… When I lived in London, wearing flip flops for me was not simply a matter of footwear but more a sign of of hope for a warmer future and strangely, it seems … Continue reading I Want My Flip Flops

The Tale Of The Supermarket Carol Singers

The Christmas Lights are being switched on in Granada tonight which will be fun to see and as the festive season approaches each year, I’m often reminded of a shopping trip to a supermarket in London a few years ago where I was greeted by two teenagers of about 15-16 years old who were belting out Christmas carols accapella raising money for a local charity. They immediately made me … Continue reading The Tale Of The Supermarket Carol Singers

Away From The Noise

So What’s Next?

I started this blog in October, so at only a few weeks old of posting daily (including the transfer of a number of posts from a previous website I had) and since the end of the latest Blogging101 project, I thought I’d take stock of how things have gone. Firstly, I’d like to thank everybody who follows me via email, Wordpress or Twitter (@awayfromnoise) and for all the … Continue reading So What’s Next?

What We Can Learn From Playing Tennis

While walking around recently, I noticed a boy of about 12 years old hitting a tennis ball against a wall with his tennis racket. Perhaps he was practising for a match or maybe he was just having fun. Either way, he didn’t have any friends around to impress so he was clearly motivated to do this for himself and seeing him got me thinking. I … Continue reading What We Can Learn From Playing Tennis

How Can Hailstorms Help Us To Be Happier

The weather in Granada is usually pretty good, however a few weeks ago there was a hailstorm of almost biblical proportions, relatively speaking that is. It hadn’t properly rained here in months so hail, thunder, lightning and dark, dark skies were huge news! I popped into the nearest bar to hide from the elements and while I was in there I noticed a girl of about 5 running … Continue reading How Can Hailstorms Help Us To Be Happier