Being Away From The Noise In Granada


There are many different reasons why we may want to get away from the noise of our daily lives and there are countless ways to help you do so. This blog is my way of doing that. I live in Granada in the south of Spain, write songs on my slightly battered acoustic guitar and laptop, teach English, coach people to be more confident and positive in their lives and write this blog.

My name is Jason and although I only started this blog in October 2014, it has already become an essential ritual to post and connect with readers and other bloggers. I have enjoyed writing it, getting positive and ‘constructive’ feedback from people and generally interacting with lots of interesting people online. I’ve also enrolled on an online blogging course as you can always learn something new, can’t you?

So with this in mind and although I have already done and enjoyed doing this course (in November 2014), I’m once more committing to writing a new post every day for the next 30 days in line with the WordPress Blogging101 series as I found it quite an inspiring challenge last time and hope it will be again this time.

After living in London for 17 years, Mrs AwayFromTheNoise and I moved to Granada in the south of Spain in January 2014 and so we have now been here for 18 months which have flown by. It had been a goal of ours to live somewhere warm, beautiful and interesting for a long time, so it’s been lovely having made that happen.

But perhaps the question for you here is ‘why should you read this blog’?

On this blog, I enjoy writing about whatever inspires me, usually based on things I read, see or hear while out and about, which I’ve realized is pretty much the same process I have for songwriting. Subjects have included music, travel, minimalism, food, coffee, life as a foreigner in the south of Spain and generally escaping to a place of of tranquility because it’s a beautiful place to be – all of which I hope give people food for thought. So If you like the sound of that and you’re looking for a little inspiration or insight into life in general, then this could be the blog for you…

I have four primary objectives for this blog by 30 June 2015 :

– publish a post every day (except maybe at the weekends when the sun is shining…)

– interact online with lots of new people

– have a total of 400 subscribers to the mailing list

– enjoy the process…

I hope this blog helps you to get you away from the noise.

Thanks for popping by…


4 thoughts on “Being Away From The Noise In Granada

  1. Great start! I’m sure you will accomplish those goals, especially since you have such a refreshing outlook and objective. We definitely need less noise and MORE OF A RETREAT like you and the Mrs. so bravely did! Keep it up!


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