How To Get Away From The Noise?

After living in London for 17 years, my wife and I decided to move to Granada in the south of Spain in 2014 to get ‘away from the noise’. Most people assume that the ‘noise’ was the urban-ness of the millions of people and the traffic chaos of the big city and to some extent that’s true, however in reality, it was more about the … Continue reading How To Get Away From The Noise?

Shut Up And Listen

Have you noticed in conversations sometimes that some people are not really there? They are physically of course, but not emotionally. They look like they are listening, but in fact what they are often doing is perhaps just waiting to tell you their side of things. Whatever they are doing they are not really with you sharing the moment. Some people really listen intently and … Continue reading Shut Up And Listen

What’s Going To Make Me Happy… Now?

We all know that life can be complicated and with so many elements to consider in our lives, it can be challenging at times to just get through the day without feeling like you’re not getting anywhere or moving forward in any way. But things can be simple. From time to time at least. I’m not talking about some kind of huge life transformation and … Continue reading What’s Going To Make Me Happy… Now?

Just Because It Ended, Doesn’t Mean It Failed

Things begin and things end, however there can always be something positive that can come out of the experience if you choose to see it. Whether a relationship or a job ends for example, there is always something you can learn and take away into your future. Just because it ended, doesn’t mean it failed. ~ Alan Cohen You enjoyed the good times and the … Continue reading Just Because It Ended, Doesn’t Mean It Failed

I’ve Dreamed Of This

“I’ve dreamed of this. This is the plane I’ve always wanted to go on. All buckled up? Seatbelts on? The jets have fired up! No that’s someone else’s jets. Don’t worry. We’ll be next.”   To many people, an Easyjet flight from Manchester to Malaga isn’t a big deal and in fact it can be a bit of a pain, but to the 6-year old … Continue reading I’ve Dreamed Of This

Being Away From The Noise In Granada

Hi There are many different reasons why we may want to get away from the noise of our daily lives and there are countless ways to help you do so. This blog is my way of doing that. I live in Granada in the south of Spain, write songs on my slightly battered acoustic guitar and laptop, teach English, coach people to be more confident … Continue reading Being Away From The Noise In Granada