11 Ways To Be More Confident

As a coach and someone in their 40s, I’ve picked up a few tips and ideas on the way which have helped me and my clients become more confident in what we do in our lives. Clearly, this list is completely subjective and based on my own experience, but maybe they’ll be of use to […]

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Learning And Living For Fun

When I’m not writing this blog, writing songs or hanging out in cafes here in Granada, I teach English which can be an interesting job and at times, quite challenging, especially when presented with students who lack any kind of motivation whatsoever. However on those occasions when you have a class who really want to […]

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Shut Up And Listen

Have you noticed in conversations sometimes that some people are not really there? They are physically of course, but not emotionally. They look like they are listening, but in fact what they are often doing is perhaps just waiting to tell you their side of things. Whatever they are doing they are not really with […]

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I’ve Dreamed Of This

“I’ve dreamed of this. This is the plane I’ve always wanted to go on. All buckled up? Seatbelts on? The jets have fired up! No that’s someone else’s jets. Don’t worry. We’ll be next.”   To many people, an Easyjet flight from Manchester to Malaga isn’t a big deal and in fact it can be […]

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