What’s Going To Make Me Happy… Now?

We all know that life can be complicated and with so many elements to consider in our lives, it can be challenging at times to just get through the day without feeling like you’re not getting anywhere or moving forward in any way.

But things can be simple. From time to time at least. I’m not talking about some kind of huge life transformation and lots of life planning, but only a small step. In fact, a simple question.

What’s really going to make me happy… now?

We seem to spend our lives planning and making lists of things to do in our future and this is all very helpful, but every now and again it’s good to not get too lost in it all and remember that we don’t actually live in the future. We live now. Today. At this very moment. And I believe we can have, perhaps even deserve, some happiness.

It could be something as simple as meeting a friend for a drink, spending time with family or reading a book. It doesn’t have to be significant externally, but it needs to be significant internally, for you. Something that brings a smile to your face.

With this in mind then, I dare you. Go out and do something that will make you happy. Like that L’Oreal advert says – you’re worth it!

So, what are you going to do?

PS the image of Helen Mirren is because while researching this article, I found out that she is the new face of L’Oreal and at 69 years old, that’s rather cool.

13 thoughts on “What’s Going To Make Me Happy… Now?

  1. I love that you picked Helen Mirren for the image here because she is the epitome of cool. And at 69, she’s rather hot! An inspiration to us all.
    As much as I like to plan for dreams and future goals, I do enjoy making myself happy on a daily basis. Whether I’m practicing yoga, having a glass of wine with my husband, or doing something challenging and totally out of the norm, I make a point to infuse a little bliss in my day. Today, for example,


      1. Sorry, I accidentally posted before completing my thought. So today at work, me and six co-workers performed a dance routine to the Uptown Funk song that we have been practicing. We all wore fedora hats and had our choreographed moves memorized. It was filmed and our segments will be edited together with other departments’ and eventually shown for a UC Berkeley fitness initiative. It was exhilarating, especially during a time when we are busy with meetings, deadlines and events. It was a fun diversion from the routine!

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  2. I like the focus on doing something NOW that makes you happy. I agree, we often seem to be striving and looking forward, and forgetting to actually live our lives. I’m going to just sit and hold my baby daughter.


  3. I really like your post and it reminds me of a true story that was recently on the BBC – Marvellous starring Toby Jones. His character, Neil Baldwin, was asked why he was always so positive and so upbeat and he replied “I always wanted to be happy. So I decided I would be.” It’s within us to be happy we just have to let it out.


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