One Thing At A Time

You would think that it would be easier to do one thing at a time, but how many people do you see who are doing two or perhaps more of the following everyday things at the same time?: – chatting – reading/looking at mobile phone/tablet – communicating (making a phone call/sending an email/text/Whatsapp) – listening to music – eating/drinking – driving/cycling/walking (crossing roads) While they … Continue reading One Thing At A Time

Shut Up And Listen

Have you noticed in conversations sometimes that some people are not really there? They are physically of course, but not emotionally. They look like they are listening, but in fact what they are often doing is perhaps just waiting to tell you their side of things. Whatever they are doing they are not really with you sharing the moment. Some people really listen intently and … Continue reading Shut Up And Listen

10 Ways To Be More Motivated Today

Having problems getting motivated? Want to know the key? Or at least a few tips? In no particular order, here are a few pointers to help you move forward: Give yourself permission to believe what you want is possible. Be positive. Visualise yourself where you want to be What’s stopping you? Really? Get down to what it is. Face your fears and move forward to where you … Continue reading 10 Ways To Be More Motivated Today

The First Step

Do you sometimes feel that today is the same as yesterday? And that tomorrow will probably be the same as today? That perhaps things are never going to change? That the same things are constantly holding you back? Feelings like this are not unusual and they are a good example of problems that we face in our daily lives. However, if you are feeling like … Continue reading The First Step