Just Because It Ended, Doesn’t Mean It Failed

Things begin and things end, however there can always be something positive that can come out of the experience if you choose to see it. Whether a relationship or a job ends for example, there is always something you can learn and take away into your future.

Just because it ended, doesn’t mean it failed. ~ Alan Cohen

You enjoyed the good times and the bad times were hard and yet, although it may initially be difficult to see, maybe everything has its time when it becomes time to move on. A relationship suddenly ending could be the beginning of a new and bright future rediscovering yourself and perhaps even somebody else on the way. A job unexpectedly lost due to the economic crisis could inspire someone to start the business they’ve always wanted to run. It can sometimes be a good thing for things to end.

Starting again can be a scary, but exciting prospect giving you new perspectives for new opportunities that you may not have previously seen.

New things you’ve tried or things you’ve done may not at first look like they’ve succeeded and yet perhaps in the long term looking back, you could see that the successes and mistakes made on the way are part of the process you needed to go through to get where you are, which could even be the place you wanted to be.

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