I’ve Dreamed Of This

“I’ve dreamed of this.
This is the plane I’ve always wanted to go on.
All buckled up? Seatbelts on?
The jets have fired up! No that’s someone else’s jets. Don’t worry. We’ll be next.”

To many people, an Easyjet flight from Manchester to Malaga isn’t a big deal and in fact it can be a bit of a pain, but to the 6-year old boy sitting behind me, it was something else entirely. He was not only more excited than I’ve ever seen anybody about anything, but he’d also clearly done his homework as his running commentary indicated that he probably knew more about this plane than the pilot.


He was so enthusiastic and happy about being on the plane and all the little things that go with it. As many of us grow up, it’s a shame we sometimes lose that, especially as it’s infectious being around positive and enthusiastic people. However my mission from now on is that in those moments when I’m feeling a bit too ‘grown-up’ and cynical, I’ll try to remember that happy boy excitedly telling his parents about the flight. I imagine he had a fantastic holiday as he would have been looking forward to that too. Sometimes it’s just how we want to see things…


(PS This is the Day 5 task for Blogging101. I’ve experiemented with my theme many times and having tried different options and I’m happy with what I have.)

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