Can What’s Missing Be Your Strength?

I have been a fan of Q (English music magazine) for many years and in the latest issue, I was reading an interview with a band called Royal Blood. Now I’m not really a rock fan but every now and again a band comes through that I really like and Royal Blood are currently and pleasantly deafening me with both their albums. But why am … Continue reading Can What’s Missing Be Your Strength?

The Scent Of Nostalgia

While walking around town recently, a woman walked past me and just as she went by, a waft of perfume struck me and suddenly I was at university in a conversation class with a French teaching assistant called Nathalie who wore the same perfume by Issey Miyake. Just like that. No introduction. The last thing I was expecting as I was on my way to … Continue reading The Scent Of Nostalgia

Away From The Noise

The November Manifesto

Hi There are many different reasons why we may want to get away from the noise of our daily lives and there are countless ways to help you do so. This blog is my way of doing that. I live in Granada in the south of Spain, write songs, teach English and now write this blog. My name is Jason and although I only started … Continue reading The November Manifesto


Plums – The Inspirational Fruit

Having recently had some really nice plum jam, I was reminded of an interesting conversation I had a while ago with a friend who helped me to see the inspirational potential of plums… Yes, that’s what I said. Not a euphemism for anything else. The fruit. I have a birthday coming up soon and to celebrate, my wife and I have arranged a weekend trip … Continue reading Plums – The Inspirational Fruit