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Nothing Compares To What You Feel Passionate About

When was the last time you did something in which you really believed? When you took a chance and stood out from the crowd and said ‘This is me’? Maybe people were supportive or maybe not, but it didn’t matter as what was most important was for you to ‘do your thing’ on your terms.

I don’t know if you know, but Irish singer Sinead O’Connor recently released a new album that i admit I have yet to really get into, however it did remind me of a performance she gave a couple of years ago on TV and her passion for what she was singing was incredible because it was so evident that she so believed in what she was doing. It was impossible to do anything but watch her. Maybe you like her voice and music or maybe not, but her passion was extraordinary and inspiring. Here’s a clip so you can see for yourself.

How often do you feel this passionate?
And if not recently, when did you last feel this passionate?
And what’s stopping you feeling this passionate again?

2 thoughts on “Nothing Compares To What You Feel Passionate About

  1. I know the album quite well already. I went to her gig a couple of months ago and she was brilliant. She was exactly as passionate as you described her. I also posted something about her on my blog.


    1. I’ve always loved her music & especially her voice. Even in the ‘lost’ years, she was incredible. My favourite album is ‘Universal Mother’. I’ve just read your posts on Sinead & Miley, Kelis and Beyonce. I look forward to reading more. Thanks for popping by.


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