Singing Boy

Without A Care In The World

I saw a boy this morning in a cafe happily singing along to ‘Stand By Me’ without a care in the world with his mum proudly watching, which was quite sweet, especially as he was horrendously out of tune. Everyone in the cafe of course applauded. Free live music with your morning coffee too. Result!

However, he did get me thinking about how life is too short to not do what you enjoy if you are lucky enough to have been given or to have made the opportunity. Many of us as children used to do things like the singing boy without a care in the world, worrying least of all what people thought. However as adults we often lose this innocence and become ‘grown up’ to ‘behave properly’, doing what we ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ do.

Whatever you want to do, metaphorically speaking, whether you can sing or not isn’t really the point. If you enjoy singing, the joy is in the act of singing itself, isn’t it?

One thought on “Without A Care In The World

  1. My five-year-old last month wandered through the grocery store belting out “Let it Go” from Frozen – this reminded me of it. I adore that innocence and freedom. I love when I get to see it.


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