But What If You Had The Time?

Time seems to have become one of the most elusive elements in our lives these days. How many times have you heard somebody say ‘I can’t because I’m so busy’. There’s almost some kind of social pressure to be seen to be busy because if we are not, then we have somehow failed in society’s eyes.

If we are the managers of our own time, then we do have the time but often choose different priorities. Clearly, if you work for a company, your boss often manages your work time, but what about your personal time?

Just for a moment, let’s consider the following:

If you had the time that you want, how much time would that be and perhaps more importantly, what would you actually do with it?

Would you need one hour a day? One day a week? One week a year?

And if you had this time, what would you do with it? Write a book? Sit down and read a book? Go for a coffee? Go to the gym? Do more gardening? Travel? Build a house? Spend more time with family? Or more time alone?

It can be incredibly difficult to manage our time effectively, however I often see that people give a number of reasons, dare I say, excuses, as to why they can’t do something that they want and time is one of the most common of those.

Focusing on why we can’t do something will not help us to achieve what we want unless we look at it from a more positive perspective. Clearly, everybody leads different lives and the demands of family, work and many other things can have an impact on the time that we actually have or the time that we think we have available to us.

What if we gave ourselves permission to have the time we want in order to do what we want to do?

For example, at present I don’t seem to find the time to blog as frequently as I would like and in truth, this is because in the recent past I have prioritised other things over blogging. With this in mind, I have now looked at my calendar, reprioritised and set up 2 hours a week to focus on writing, posting and commenting more often and I hope to increase this in future, but one step at a time. Admittedly for some people, blogging may not be one of the most ‘important’ things to do, but it is something I enjoy and I would like to and am prepared to make more time for it.

So, what’ stopping you giving yourself permission to give yourself some time?
And if you had that time, what would you really want to do with it?

4 thoughts on “But What If You Had The Time?

  1. What? Have you been following me around listening to me or something? Some great questions! Now I just have to come up with better answers. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

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  2. This is very true.

    I often say “In the the time you spend convincing yourself and others that you’re too busy. You could be halfway through.”\

    Clearly this doesn’t work in all scenarios, but I live with someone who uses “I’m too busy” as a synonym for “I can’t be assed.”


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