Sky Full Of Morning Stars

It’s 6am on the first day of November and quite dark outside. I couldn’t sleep and so I tiptoed through the house so as not to wake Mrs Cortado and our dog Grace to go outside and get my phone which I’d left in the car. On my way back, I promptly dropped it (clearly no coffee yet having an impact) and happened to look up to see an incredible sky full of stars.

I’d never really thought about there being stars in the morning and don’t ever remember seeing them at this time of the morning, but of course one of the lovely things about living in this part of the countryside in southern Spain is that there is no light pollution and so the darkness of the sky is beautifully and very brightly illuminated by thousands of stars. And all you have to do is drop something to see it…

Just think, if I didn’t drop things, I wonder what else I’d miss noticing?

Photo by sergio souza on Unsplash
(I tried to take a picture this morning, but there’s only so much you can do with an Iphone. I much preferred this shot.)

Seville Night Sky

The Sky is Bigger

If you have ever lived in a big city, you know about the countless advantages of doing so. However, one of the downsides which was highlighted to me recently is that the sky can feel so small making city living enclosed and claustrophobic which inevitably has a negative impact on its inhabitants.

Kitty Shepherd, a British friend also living in Granada then said something that particularly struck me:

“If you can’t see infinity, you can’t see what it is”

The sky is bigger (or at least it feels that way) in Andalucia and as a consequence, the possibilities for change and reinvention feel limitless.

Of course, changing your geography does not always solve problems as problems can follow you around until you find a solution. Being somewhere that is new can sometimes feel liberating and beautiful and the benefit of a sense of bigger sky is the huge sense of opportunity and space that you feel to help you live your life.

However, I would also add that this is not only possible in new places, but also older and more familiar ones too that we see on a regular basis and sometimes take for granted. Perhaps there is always a ‘bigger sky’ wherever you are if you are open to seeing it…

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