A Little Salt Is Good For You

I’ve been watching “Rick Stein’s Spain” recently and have enjoyed his exuberance and passion for Spain and its simply prepared food. One example was a recipe for a local fish which was grilled with a little salt. And that was it. Rick’s face was joyous on trying this seemingly simple dish.

It got me thinking about our lives and how we fill it. Not only with things to have like the latest clothes or technology and things to do like DIY, but also things that we could have in the future, all taking up more space in our lives and our heads than perhaps necessary.

Some chefs overcomplicate food because they can and are perhaps even expected to, but wouldn’t they, their customers and maybe even the rest of us benefit from ‘less’? I’m not saying we need to live a monastic lifestyle by any means, but like the fish recipe, maybe just a simpler way of living and being with fewer things to have, do and think about. And all of course, with just a little salt…

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