Away From The Noise

How To Get More Done By Doing Less

On a train journey recently, I noticed a man was simultaneously:

– looking out of the window at the scenery
– listening to music on headphones
– reading a magazine
– sending/receiving texts on his phone

How many of these things do you think he really focused on and got the most from? I bet he now can’t remember the magazine article nor has an idea of which songs he was listening to.

In these times of endless choice, sometimes simply doing one thing mindfully and one thing only until you really finish doing it, is seemingly one of the most difficult challenges we face.

Doing one thing now doesn’t mean we won’t do the other things. It just means we want to focus on one thing now to get maximum benefit and effectiveness and focus on something else another time. In the end, you will end up mindfully achieving more quality to what you do by spending less time mindlessly doing many different things. More or less…

Do Less Achieve More

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