The Supermarket Cashier

I popped to the supermarket last Friday to get a couple of things. I wasn’t feeling great to be honest as things in general hadn’t been going too well that week.

Just after I paid, the cashier smiled at me and wished me a lovely weekend. Nothing unusual in that, however, the way she said it was so sincere and warm that it got me thinking about my weekend and what I could do to feel better and make it lovely. I guess I also really needed to hear something positive at that moment and was more receptive to it.

Later in the day, I remembered that I’d gone to the same supermarket earlier in the week to get some coffee and that I’d paid the same cashier. I was feeling more positive that morning and when she smiled that time, I remember thanking her for smiling and for being so nice so early in the morning when so many others don’t. She then smiled even more. We both win surrounded with this wave of positivity, don’t we? A lovely and very motivating way to start a day…

Something wonderfully karmic about it. I said something nice one day and then a few days later, it’s naturally reciprocated. When you least expect it and perhaps even need it, something as simple as a smile or saying something nice to somebody about how good they are or what they are doing can make such a difference.

So, what are you going to do today? Oh, and have a fantastic week…

6 thoughts on “The Supermarket Cashier

  1. Have you heard of Shawn Achor, author of the Happiness Advantage? He has done a lot research in this area. Smiling can make a world of difference! You can Google him on YouTube for a TedTalk.
    Have a super day too!


  2. I appreciate the reminder of how i can look at what might be coming next in my life and choose how i want to show up for it. To be the energy i want to have in my life. And how good it feels to offer kindness to someone and watch it being received. How much more joy i have in m life.


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