Too Scared To Publish?

If you read the previous post to this Endless Blue Angel Mondays you may be wondering why I posted a short story as opposed to something about ‘inspiring positive simplicity’. Well, to be honest, I was trying to challenge myself to do something different in line with another previous post Another Day To Do Something Different.

Although I’ve started a few short stories in my time, this is the only one I’ve actually completed and even then, this one was actually written in 1994, seemingly millenia before blogs and the internet. I wrote it as a student doing my year abroad in Siena, Italy soon after one of my close friends died suddenly. I based one of the lead characters in the story on him.

So, the story has been with me for more than 20 years and I even got a nice letter from a publisher at the time offering to publish a book of my short stories, but I only had the one at the time and never thought I could come up with any more. I moved away from short stories to blogging and writing songs and have since written and recorded hundreds of songs, played a few gigs and released 3 albums, all of which I’m very proud – if you fancy listening to my music, visit Blue Angel, Blame Jack and Calmer.

My point here is that posting my short story in 2015 may have been a long time coming, however I did it in my own time, when it was right for me because in truth, I was too scared about the reaction to post it before. Although I have no qualms whatsoever about releasing music I have created because I’m more focused on what I want to put out as opposed to being concerned with any reaction, that never happened with short stories as at that time as a 25 year old student, I didn’t have the confidence.

Fortunately, it looks like that ship has now sailed. It’s a good day. Doing something different can be scary at times, but it can also be incredibly rewarding.

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