Happy Digital Bonfire Night

I use the app/website Pocket to keep any article, videos or links that could be of interest to read another time and it has been an incredibly useful tool. Whenever I have some ‘dead’ time, I go to Pocket and catch up on those articles I’ve been meaning to read for a while.

However going through my Pocket just now, I’ve realised that it’s essentially become my personal digital equivalent of your dad/grandad’s garage that’s so full of stuff that you can’t move. I had more than 800 links to articles that I have put there over the past few months and beyond.

So I started going through them one by one, highlighting ones I thought could be interesting to keep. Until I realised I was doing it again. Like taking the ‘might-come-in-useful-one-day’ stuff out of the garage to only put it back in there in a newer, shiny box instead.

So, I deleted them.

All 800+ articles and links.

I have clearly been able to survive not knowing they were there and so I figured that actually deleting them wouldn’t make any difference. And the truth is that the only difference is that I feel better. Like I’ve had a digital bonfire. And without any pollution either.

Header image – Bonfire by Sandra Sigfusson


2 thoughts on “Happy Digital Bonfire Night

  1. Well done! I have started realising that I am putting so much aside that I might get to later but then later find myself overwhelmed ‘under the pile’. Such a relief when you finally fling it in the bin and realise that the minute it hits it, not only don’t you miss ,it but you feel the weight lift.


    1. Thanks Heidi. Absolutely. You also have more time to focus on doing less with more ‘quality’ than doing seemingly more with much less awareness.

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