Shut Up And Listen

Have you noticed in conversations sometimes that some people are not really there? They are physically of course, but not emotionally. They look like they are listening, but in fact what they are often doing is perhaps just waiting to tell you their side of things. Whatever they are doing they are not really with you sharing the moment.

Some people really listen intently and mindfully and you can really tell the difference when it happens, partly because it’s so infrequent. And with smartphones, there are even more distractions to make listening and focusing when someone is speaking more challenging than ever.

But what can you do? You may not be able to change other people, but you can do something yourself. My suggestion would be this:

Ignore the white noise of the world.
Speak less.
Listen more.

Or maybe you could say it another way…

Shut Up & Listen Red Lips

7 thoughts on “Shut Up And Listen

  1. I agree with your take on people who are not really there, even though they may be standing right in front of you. I believe that being “present” for the people who are physically in your presence is just about the best gift you can give them.


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