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Your Favourite Toy

I’ve just been chatting to a friend about her favourite toy when she was a child – her teddy bear. She’s now 28 and still has it on top of her wardrobe – kind of watching over her. Of course, she doesn’t need to play with it anymore (and even if she did, that would be fine, wouldn’t it?), but knowing it’s there keeping an eye over her in ‘adultworld’ makes her feel warm, comfortable and reassured.

As children, we are often told to ‘grow up’ and are often also desperate to do so and yet as adults, we are told to stop being childish, a word which usually has negative connotations, so I prefer the word ‘childlike’. As children or adults, society seems to want us to be ‘grown up’, whatever that may be to different people, however I would encourage everyone, adults and children alike, to be childlike. It’s a good place to be and I would argue that we don’t visit as much as we need or even want to…

(Image courtesy of the rather fabulous Aitor Frías & Cecilia Jiménez Photography whose beautiful website I would highly recommend visiting)

6 thoughts on “Your Favourite Toy

  1. Oh… Did you not bring some pleasant memories.. I had a Plane that I got when I was roughly 5 / 6 from my grand dad.. The works.. It was a Boeing, that would run, open the wings, lights, turn, the works.. In some ways, it was my life… Had it until I was 25, not a scratch on the plane, no one allowed to touch it, not even my younger cousins, ever… Finally, gave it to my nephew.. who one day saw it and started crying as he wanted it….. Guess what… He broke it in one week… 22 years of keeping the plane and gone in 1 week… Still hurts every time I remember it… Rightly said.. Being childlike is something that stays for life…. in many a way…. Would I have taken back the broken plane.. Absolutely.. But… Oh well… some things are not meant to be … Cheers… Rajesh


  2. I had a baby Sinclair that was toy that never left my side as a kid and it’s still in the family. Yeah I agree with the main point of the post, there are many childlike attributes we are encouraged to give up when I think we would be better off keeping them 🙂


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