Are You Comfortable Being Comfortable?

Are you sitting comfortably? How about with your life? Are you comfortable with your life?

Maybe everything’s going well and that’s a lovely thing but sometimes, things are just ticking over in a perfectly fine but perhaps not very interesting way and from time to time, you think about stepping out of things for a while to stretch and challenge yourself. But do you want to or do you think you ‘should’ get out of your comfort zone?

I’d argue that if you can’t replace the word ‘should’ with the word ‘want’, then perhaps you need to rethink what you’re doing.

If you did, what would that actually be? Would it be running a marathon, starting your own business, writing the book you’ve always wanted? Or perhaps, going to an evening class to learn a new language, spending some time in the garden or reading that book you’ve been meaning to read for a while? Everybody has their own comfort zone so it’s important to find yours.

Ambition is a wonderful thing, but my point here is that it is different for everybody. Some may want to change the world, others may want to change the flowers in their garden, however both are equally important to their ‘owner’.

There does seem to be a pressure in society to constantly push yourself to extremes as you will then be ‘fulfilled’ and it doesn’t seem to be allowed to just sit still and enjoy what you have. Society and everybody else can and will do what they want to do and it’s especially with this in mind that I believe that it’s vital to find what works and what is comfortable for you personally. regardless of what the rest of the world thinks or does.

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