Do Something Each Day That Scares You (Especially On Halloween!)

I’m a bit scared today as I recently accepted an offer to be quizmaster at a local quiz tonight here in Granada. Unlike many people, I actually quite like speaking in front of people, however I am a tad scared today because I will be doing this in English. And Spanish…

I have lived in Spain since January and my language skills have undoubtedly improved, but I’m only intermediate-ish level so far, so speaking in front of an audience in Spanish will be quite a challenge. But sometimes you need to push yourself outside your comfort zone or nothing will change, don’t you?

Over the years I’ve always been inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote ‘Do something each day that scares you’.

But they don’t have to be ‘big’ things. For example, having a rudimentary conversation about weather and football with one of the old guy regulars in my local bar scared me until I did it. Having said that, it could also be as big as quitting your job to move to another country. It completely depends on you.

Either way, it feels good consciously choosing to do something and then doing it. The sense of achievment is immense!

I’m off now to prep my Spanish for the quiz tonight. Wish me luck…

So what are you going to do today (however ‘small’) that scares you to move forward in your life?

It’s Halloween today, so it is in fact a legal requirement to be scared today of all days. Didn’t you know?


2 thoughts on “Do Something Each Day That Scares You (Especially On Halloween!)

  1. I might actually take my Spanish books out and revise it! That is scary! I used to learn Spanish and I understand it a lot. I love the sound and people and I wouldn’t mind speaking it fluently one day. You’re going to have a good revising lesson tho! Imagine, tomorrow a normal conversation won’t be any problem.


    1. Thanks for the feedback. As you may have seen from today’s post, I did indeed survive!


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