Anticipating Hummus

Inspired by today’s Daily Prompt, an interesting question:

– if you could slow down an action that usually zooms by, what would you choose?

On reflection, there would be a thousand things I would like to slow down, including at times my life in general as I get older and watch it fly by, whereas when I was much younger, I just wanted everything to speed up including ironically enough, getting older….

However, as things stand today, I wouldn’t slow down doing an activity itself, but would slow down the moment of anticipation beforehand.

In my case today for example, it would be the moment just before I tasted the hummus (chickpea-based dip) I made at home for the first time ever. I love hummus and have never made it for some reason but was strangely happy by having finally got round to it today.  However, as with many things in life, the moment of anticipation and expectation just before you actually taste it was… delightfully delicious. And fortunately today, it was worth the wait too!

What action would you slow down if you could?

6 thoughts on “Anticipating Hummus

  1. I love hummus! I have never been successful at making it though. I buy a container every week from the store.

    Can you please, please, please share your recipe and how you make it? Life would be so good with homemade hummus! 😀


    1. As you know, there are a hundred different versions of this recipe, however as I’m not necessarily a ‘chef’, just someone who likes cooking, this recipe is quick and easy too. I tried some hummus from the supermarket afterwards to compare and the home-made one really is so much better and fortunately very simple! Thanks for commenting and enjoy the recipe!

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