I Love Coffee (And Gertrude Stein)

Sometimes someone says something and you just think ‘that’s exactly how I feel’. This is one of those times.

“Coffee is real good when you drink it. It gives you time to think. It’s a lot more than just a drink. It’s something happening. Not as in hip, but like an event, a place to be, but not like a location, but like somewhere within yourself. It gives you time, but not actual hours or minutes, but a chance to be, like be yourself, and have a second cup.” (Gertrude Stein)

Thanks Gertrude. Couldn’t have it said it better myself.

Have a good weekend…

Gertrude Stein
Gertrude Stein – write and appreciator of coffee as a metaphor for the important things in life…

4 thoughts on “I Love Coffee (And Gertrude Stein)

  1. Good point, but I guess, some where along this road, coffee stopped being a drink that made you stop and mull over, but more a statement that one drinks coffee.. THere are purists ofcourse, that believe in the former, but that crowd is indeed becoming rare.


    1. I like coffee but am not a purist. For me it’s totally about the quasi-ritual where I can sit and ‘do nothing’. It just happens to be coffee which I happen to really like.


      1. I guess, I belong to the group, that lost it some where along the line.. But reading your post, inclined to try and find it again…


      2. Look forward to hearing how it goes…


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