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Leave The Door Open

A friend of mine recently told me how she had been on a tantric meditation course. To be honest, I had no idea what this involved and then I realised that my only reference point for all things tantric was Sting talking about sex many years ago which freaked me out a bit.

Anyway, once I had managed to get that image out of mind, she started to explain that it was simply about leaving yourself open. Mentally, emotionally and physically. To opportunity. To an awareness of yourself and to an awareness of everything and everyone around you. And how potentially enriching this could be. It got me thinking about the consequences of this way of thinking and being.

So many people close their minds and hearts through fear of being hurt or rejected, which is completely natural and understandable. People want to feel safe. It’s a human instinct. However in the long-term, does this fear ultimately hold you back from experiencing a more beautiful life full of all the highs and lows that living can bring?

Perhaps being vulnerable and leaving yourself open is a risk but in reality, people take risks every day and always have. Simply crossing the road can be a risk if we are not careful. However I am talking about a more considered risk as opposed to anything which could be seen as supposedly reckless. Sometimes it works in your favour and sometimes it doesn’t, but when you are in your rocking chair in your 90s looking back on your life, what do you want to look back on? The things you did that you tried which had succeeded? Or maybe failed? But at least you gave it your all. Or regretting the things you didn’t try and now you’ll never know?

Yes, perhaps leaving yourself open to life and experiences can be a risky business, but from time to time, isn’t that a risk worth taking?

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