How The Universe Provides When You Least Expect It

Have you ever woken up and had a huge list of things to get done and very little inclination to do them? This morning, I did. However, after a coffee full of procrastination, I eventually got on with things. On my way to the drycleaners, I bumped into an old friend who I hadn’t seen for a few months taking his daughter to the park. It was lovely to see them.

We got talking about things as you do and then I realised that he was the one person I knew who could help me with some technical web issues I have been having this week. He then helpfully gave me some advice, potentially saving me a fortune and a lot of hassle. I then started heading off. Then, one of my most favourite songs ‘Beautiful’ by Mandalay came on the Ipod. And no joke, the sun even popped its head out from behind the clouds.

Recharged with positive energy, I popped back home and have been steaming through my list getting lots done. It’s a beautiful day after all. And to think, I may never have noticed…


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