It’s The Little Things

As we live our lives, from time to time it can feel like we’re treading water and that we’re surrounded by the same old ‘greyness’ and it’ s true that the world can be a terrible place for all kinds of reasons, however there is beauty and joy in even the little things we see and do every day if we are open to seeing it and don’t take it for granted.

For example, here are a few ‘little’ things which have struck me and made me happy recently:

    • the refreshing and calming sound of gently trickling water on a hot day
    • planes flying you from A to B still amazes me no matter how often I fly
    • a child running up and down the aisle of a plane with a big grin on his face loving every second of it
    • the somehow magical combination of pasta, garlic, chilli and tomatoes makes everything better for me
    • at a public gathering, when your partner walks past you and they catch your eye and smile or gently brush your hand as they pass by
    • morning coffee
    • doing ‘nothing’ on a sunny day
    • seeing how happy Mrs Cortado is walking the dog on the beach while beachcombing

As I write, I’m sitting in the glorious May sunshine enjoying a morning coffee and tostada while the local birds are singing away and life feels good.  There’s nothing ‘big’ going on. Just a few little things.

And maybe that’s the secret to being happy…

What are the ‘little things’ that make you happy?

Toothbrush turtle
Could you be as happy as this little guy?

Above image credit Toothbrush Turtle
Main image credit – Girl Running On Beach

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