How Can Hailstorms Help Us To Be Happier

The weather in Granada is usually pretty good, however a few weeks ago there was a hailstorm of almost biblical proportions, relatively speaking that is. It hadn’t properly rained here in months so hail, thunder, lightning and dark, dark skies were huge news!

I popped into the nearest bar to hide from the elements and while I was in there I noticed a girl of about 5 running in and out of the bar excitedly shouting ‘Hielo! Hielo!’ (Spanish for ‘ice’ for those who may not know).

Being only a very young child, she perhaps unsurprisingly didn’t want more ice for her gin & tonic, but simply to go outside with her reluctant and rain-resistant dad to get some hailstones and carry them in her hand to take them back inside to show her rather bemused, but proud mum.

I only came in to keep dry and didn’t know I’d end up learning a lesson in how to find joy and excitement in the simplest of things from a very happy little girl. I never thought I’d ever see the benefits in torrential rain either…

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