Orange Red

Sometimes Good Things Happen To Good People

I’ve recently been concerned about a friend of mine who has been worrying for months about a combination of family, work and financial issues. Although she felt she was doing as much as she possibly could, nothing seemed to change and she was getting increasingly stressed.

So in an effort to address the issues, she spoke to some family members and tried to be as open and honest as possible with them and they reciprocated. The conversations were challenging to say the least and the problems weren’t yet solved, but things were slowly moving forward and she soon noticed that she was starting to feel the weight on her shoulders lift a little.

In the meantime, she’d been applying for jobs in her field for several weeks, not expecting any of them to come to pass and then, in the same week that she’d made progress with the family, she was offered a job. One that she really wanted that would not only solve the work issue, but also improve her finances. She’d been to the interview, they’d been impressed with her experience and skills and she’d got the job. Where’s the surprise in that you may ask? But she didn’t seem to understand why she had been given this opportunity. I’ve known her for many years and it hadn’t surprised me in the least that she’d got it as I know that once she sets her mind to achieve something, she does it and this situation was the evidence if any more were needed.

Inevitably, we went to the pub to celebrate and after a few drinks, I think she was even starting to believe me. But perhaps it’s nice to just think that although the world can occasionally be a hard place, sometimes good things do happen to good people.

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