The Shoemaker

The Shoemaker’s Kids

Are you good at something? Maybe you don’t think so, but others do. Maybe you do it for a living or maybe it’s something you love doing in your spare time. Maybe you love it so much you want to make it your career or your living one day.

Whatever it is. One way or another, whatever it is you do, however seemingly big or small, you help people in some way – a doctor makes you more healthy, a shopkeeper provides you with what you want to buy and a mechanic repairs your car engine for example.

So if you are one of these people who offers a service or a product to improve people’s lives in some way, who does it for you when you are in need?

I recently came across the saying about the shoemaker, whose children always seem to have old shoes with holes in, while being surrounded by brand new shoes and it struck a chord.

Doing things for other people is wonderful, but sometimes a little ‘me-time’ is good for you and ultimately, better for your friends, family, customers or whoever you help. When was the last time you focused on making yourself feel the way you make other people feel?

So the next time you are giving others the benefit of your expertise, whether you help yourself or others do it for you, remember to focus on yourself a little too.

We all deserve good shoes, don’t we? Including you.

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