A brilliant introduction to the life coaching process. The timing was perfect and Jason’s coaching gave me the confidence and clarity to make some significant decisions, and stick to them.
Jane, Creative Writing Tutor, Cambridge

Jason has helped me get clear on my goals and set me on a path to really going for the life I want. It’s not that before I was so lost that I had no idea, but there were some things holding me back that I didn’t even realize. The consistency of sessions over the past 4 years has tremendously helped me to really zone in on what I want and then create a path to get there. Even if the sessions were double the price, I’d still think they are worth it!
Mark, Managing Director, Dusseldorf & London

My coaching sessions with Jason have helped me take control of my own future. I feel confident, empowered and excited about things that previously induced anxiety.
Jo, Project Manager, London

I now have various tools to help me to build up my confidence and remember my value that I can always go back to. I generally felt quite vulnerable going into the sessions but Jason was able to focus on what I needed, so I felt uplifted and positive after the sessions.
Michelle, Baby Massage Therapist, London

I cannot begin to say how coaching sessions with Jason have helped me. Jason has helped guide me to a place where I can find answers for myself.  Our sessions have given me the ability to move on and be successful, at a time where I thought it would never be possible.
Carole, National Sales Manager, London

Coaching sessions with Jason have completely changed my outlook on life. Through the sessions, I became aware of the negative language I used and learnt to turn many negatives into positives. After reaching a crossroads in my life, Jason was able to gently guide me into a new direction with confidence in my own abilities. I now feel empowered to take risks and move into a new career.
James, Entrepeneur, London

Jason challenged me, taking me into areas I found uncomfortable and challenging, but ultimately rewarding. I know that what I have learned from working with Jason will be of enormous benefit both in my professional and personal life.
Katharine, Events Manager, London

Sessions with Jason have enabled me to express my fears and worries without being judged and allowed me to think more freely and as a result, I have found an inner courage and belief in my abilities.
Pam, Business Coach, Cape Town, South Africa

My coaching with Jason was extremely effective and I was surprised at how much was achieved in the first session alone. With Jason’s help, I was very quickly able to switch my negative thinking into positive thinking and this was just fantastic in helping me with my direction.
Eileen, Director, IT Training Company

Jason helped me to clarify my career goals and make a plan to achieve them in both the short and longer term. I now feel I have a much better balance in my work life.
Caroline, Event Manager, London

Jason helped me to define what’s important to me, set my goals and regularly amend them so I stick to them.
Zoe, Recruitment & Development Officer, London

I found my sessions with Jason very helpful. He is very positive and encouraging to talk to. I now have a long-term goal for which I am very motivated to accomplish – something which would not have been the case had I not spoken with him. He has also helped me approach my social life with more confidence. I highly recommend Jason as a coach. Jonathan, Finance Software Developer, Watford

Throughout our sessions, Jason was patient, understanding and inspired complete trust.  He is an exceptional listener who consistently picks up on underlying themes that need to be addressed.
Laura, Teacher, Frankfurt, Germany


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