When Was Your Last First Day At School?

It’s September and that time of year again when children are going back to school so we know that summer is now officially over, but it’s lovely seeing photos on Facebook of children in new school uniforms taken by their proud parents.

I know it’s something that we have all gone through, but spare a thought for them as they face new beginnings in their young lives. How brave are they to go to ‘big school’ on the first day? What must they be thinking? Maybe they have a friend or two or family there already or maybe they love school anyway, but fundamentally they are being left ‘alone’ for the first time in their lives. It must be terrifying!

My point here isn’t simply nostalgia, but to consider the value of being so set in our routines that we dare not do anything differently that might challenge us a little too much and get us out of our trusted comfort zones.

So, ask yourself ‘When were you last as courageous as these young children?’ Or perhaps ‘when was your last first day at school’?


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