Perfection Is A Myth But That’s A Good Thing

Nothing is perfect.
Nobody’s perfect.
Nowhere is perfect.
Perfection is a myth.
Imperfection is the reality of our lives.


I’m not cynical. In fact, I’ve often been called too idealistic, however although perfection may not exist, that needn’t stop us doing what we want to do to achieve the lives we want to live.


I often hear people saying that they are waiting for the right moment to do the things that they have always wanted to do such as travel the world, publish their book or even talk to that person in the office they quite like, but the reality is that in most cases that seemingly perfect moment will never come to pass. For example, how will you know when your first novel is ready? When is it ever the perfect time to chat somebody up?


What’s more important?


– Waiting for the right moment when everything is perfectly in place to do something and that never happening and as a result you never get to do the thing that you want to do?




– Taking that first step today in the knowledge that although it may (and will probably) not be perfect, you will at least be on your way to getting to where you want to be. And who knows, things might even get better over time while we’re aiming for ‘perfection’ and doing the thing that we want to do on the way?


I think reflection and contemplation can be a powerful thing to do, but sometimes you just have to get on and do something today or nothing will happen tomorrow.


“Imperfect progress today or perfect progress tomorrow?”

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